The .cody/settings.yml file can be used to adjust some of the behavior of cody. Here’s an example of a settings.yml file:

  # stack_naming:
  #   append_env: true # default false

  # aws_profile: dev_profile

  # aws_profile: prod_profile

The base settings are common and used for all the environments. The other environments are used according to the value of CODY_ENV.


cody deploy # will use the development settings since development is the default
CODY_ENV=production cody deploy # will use the production settings


Name Description
auto_camelize Whether or not to auto camelize properties keys. Default is false as of v1.0.0. Recommended to leave this false.
aws_profile This provides a way to bind CODY_ENV to AWS_PROFILE tightly. This prevents you from forgetting to switch your CODY_ENV when switching your AWS_PROFILE, thereby accidentally launching a stack in the wrong environment.
stack_naming.append_env Determines if CODY_ENV value is append to the CodeBuild project name.

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