Project DSL

You define the CodeBuild project in .cody/project.rb. Here’s an example of the DSL used to create a codebuild project.


# name("demo") # recommended to leave unset and use the conventional name that cody sets
  UFO_ENV: "development",
  API_KEY: "ssm:/codebuild/demo/api_key" # ssm param example

Here’s a list of some of the convenience shorthand DSL methods:

  • github_url(url)
  • github_source(options={})
  • linux_image(name)
  • linux_environment(options={})
  • environment_variables(vars)
  • local_cache(enable=true)

Refer to the dsl/project.rb source code for the most updated list of methods.

Webhook Example

If you would like for a build to run on every commit pushed.

triggers(webhook: true)

For more control over the branches to run:

  webhook: true,
  filter_groups: [[{type: "HEAD_REF", pattern: "my-branch"}, {type: "EVENT", pattern: "PUSH"}]]

Full DSL

The convenience methods are shorter and cleaner. However, you have access to a Full DSL if needed. The Full DSL methods are merely the properties of the AWS::CodeBuild::Project CloudFormation Resource. Here’s an example.


# name("demo") # recommend to not set, and let cody set this automatically
  type: "GITHUB",
  location: "",
  git_clone_depth: 1,
  git_submodules_config: { fetch_submodules: true },
  build_spec: ".cody/buildspec.yml",
  auth: {
    type: "OAUTH",
    resource: ssm("/codebuild/demo/oauth_token"),
  report_build_status: true,

artifacts(type: "NO_ARTIFACTS")
  compute_type: "BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL",
  image_pull_credentials_type: "CODEBUILD",
  privileged_mode: true,
  image: "aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-x86_64-standard:2.0",
  environment_variables: [
      type: "PLAINTEXT",
      name: "UFO_ENV",
      value: "development"
      type: "PARAMETER_STORE",
      name: "API_KEY",
      value: "/codebuild/demo/api_key"

service_role(ref: "IamRole")

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